Emergency Teeth Extractions

Emergency Teeth Extractions in San Antonio

While our primary goal is to save and restore your natural teeth whenever possible, sometimes complications make removing the tooth a better solution. Whether wisdom teeth are the cause of your discomfort or decay has damaged a tooth beyond repair, extraction can put you on the path to a healthier smile.

At JH Emergency Dental, we are available on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays for emergency extractions when your dentist is unavailable. We are conveniently located ten minutes from Randolph Air Force Base on Judson and Nacogdoches. We provide emergency dental care for residents of Live Oak, Converse, Schertz, Selma, New Braunfels, and San Antonio. Our friendly staff is fluent in English and Spanish and always prepared to provide instructions to help you heal quickly. If you suspect you may need an extraction, call our office today!

Why Would I Need an Extraction?

An extraction is a process of removing one or more teeth from the mouth to benefit the health of the remaining teeth. A tooth may need to be removed for many reasons, including:

  • Damage from deep decay
  • A fracture below the gum line
  • Severe sensitivity or pain
  • A dark or discolored tooth
  • A dental abscess

JH Emergency Dental performs emergency extractions on teeth that need to removal immediately, and we do so efficiently and gently. If you have impacted wisdom teeth, we will refer to an oral surgeon who can help you.

Preparing for Your Treatment

We start your treatment process by educating you about the procedure. This information alleviates anxiousness and helps to build your trust in our abilities. First, we take digital x-rays for greater insight into your dental health, allowing us to spot anything that may affect treatment.

Then, we perform extractions in a way that minimally impacts the tissue and bone around the area. This method helps you heal faster and eliminates most of the discomfort.

What Happens During a Tooth Extraction?

Tooth extractions are minor surgeries that involve removing the crown and its entire root from the socket in the jaw. An anesthetic is applied to the area, and specialized tools are used to extract the tooth. The procedure is performed in the least invasive manner possible so that you can have a smooth recovery once the extraction is complete.

Next, we will explain post-extraction care and what you can expect as you heal. We can also discuss the options that are available to replace your missing tooth. We offer crowns, fixed bridges, and dentures in our office, and we can provide a comfortable, safe temporary restoration if you prefer to see a specialist later.

Why Should Wisdom Teeth Be Extracted?

Wisdom teeth are the last teeth that will grow into your smile, which usually occurs during your teenage years. Unfortunately, this means that these molars are often trying to erupt when there is no more room to accommodate them. The health concerns caused by this situation are the reason for extracting wisdom teeth.

In some cases, the wisdom teeth cause the rest of the smile to shift out of alignment. This condition, malocclusion, can increase your risk of developing other problems. The teeth can wear unevenly, making it more difficult to chew food or keep these teeth healthy. The crowded spacing makes it difficult to clean the spaces between the teeth, increasing the likelihood that they will decay. Alignment can also affect conditions like temporomandibular joint disorder and other orofacial health concerns.

In other cases, the third molars grow in at an angle and trap themselves underneath other teeth. The wisdom tooth and the adjacent tooth rub against each other, causing the erosion and loss of both teeth. Additionally, if the wisdom tooth is trapped partially beneath the gums, a condition called pericoronitis will cause the tooth to decay and infect the gum tissue above it. If you have this condition or an impacted tooth, we will help you get treatment from a specialist as soon as possible.

Purposeful Procedures

At JH Emergency Dental, we believe the best way to promote your oral health is by preserving as much of your natural smile as possible. When extractions are recommended, it is because the tooth threatens your overall health. Wisdom teeth are no exception; if your third molars have appeared without negatively impacting the rest of the teeth, we will not remove them.

How Much Does it Cost to Pull a Tooth?

The cost of tooth extraction will depend on a variety of factors that can only be determined by having an exam. The type of tooth is important (e.g., molar, incisor, wisdom tooth), and whether it is impacted, broken or fractured. Where the tooth is located (back or front), the health of your gums and previous treatments on that tooth will also affect the cost.

After your exam, we will suggest a treatment plan, sometimes with multiple options. We make sure you understand the whole procedure and the cost before we begin your treatment.

Keep Your Smile in Optimal Health

Extractions are treatments of last resort, but they may be necessary to protect your overall oral health. JH Emergency Dental offers teeth extractions in San Antonio on weekends when you cannot see your regular dentist. Call us today to schedule an appointment and discuss your dental health options.

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