Emergency Dental Crowns

Emergency Crowns in San Antonio

If you experience an accident, have sudden tooth pain or bleeding, or suffer damage to a tooth or previous dental work, you need to seek treatment from an emergency dentist as quickly as possible. At JH Emergency Dental, we understand that dental pain is a serious concern, and we do our best to respond to you as soon as possible. If you think you have a dental emergency, please contact our office right away.

Our practice is open on Friday nights, Saturdays, and Sundays for dental care when your primary dentist is not available. We are located on Judson and Nacogdoches ten minutes from Randolph Air Force Base. Our office is easy to find for Live Oak, Converse, Schertz, Selma, New Braunfels, or San Antonio, and our staff is fluent in English and Spanish. If you have lost or damaged a dental crown, contact us for same-day emergency appointments!

Damaged or Missing Dental Crowns – What to Do

Damage or loss of your dental crown frequently happens while eating, so be careful not to swallow it. A crown can also become loose if there is decay underneath. An injury can force a crown loose if you play sports or other highly physical activities.

When the restoration comes off, the affected tooth can become very sensitive to cold or hot temperatures. If you have the crown and it can be fitted back over the tooth, clean the inside thoroughly with warm water, not with soap. If possible, apply a dental adhesive, found in the dental section of your local pharmacy, to hold the crown in place until you can get to our office. Otherwise, try using toothpaste, dental wax, or temporary adhesive and reattach it. Do not use glue on the crown.

If you are experiencing pain, you can apply a cold compress to your face and take some over-the-counter pain medicine. If you do take any medication, be sure to make a note and let us know.

Contact us right away when your crown is damaged or lost. If you cannot replace the crown over your tooth, wrap it in wet gauze or a towel and bring it with you. Avoid eating any hard foods and candies until the crown is replaced.

Get the Dental Care You Need Today

If you find yourself in a dental emergency, don’t put it off. A quick response can make the difference between simple maintenance or more complex treatment. Dr. Escarsega of JH Emergency Dental can help you through your dental emergency and will work to preserve your dental health. If you have a dental emergency, contact us today for quick and efficient treatment.

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